KU Medical Center
UNL Food Innovation Cente
Missouri State University Temple Hall
Buffett Cancer Center
Newman University
University of Central Missouri
Koch Beatrice NE
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KU Medical Center
Coca Cola
J.E.D. Installation
Professional Installation since 1995
What we install:                                  

Plastic Laminated Casework                

Wood Science Casework                        

Metal Laboratory Furniture                       

Fume Hoods                                          

Darkroom Equipment                        

Prebuilt and knockdown lockers        

Stadium, Theater, Lecture Seating      

Outdoor Bleachers                            

Moveable Wall Partitions                   

Panel Wall Systems                           

Marker and Tack Boards                  

Library Furniture & Shelving              

Computer Furniture Systems             

Epoxy Science Tops                         

Trespa Science Tops                        

Solid Surface                                    

Plastic Laminate Tops                      
  • KU Medical Center
  • UNL Food Innovation Center
  • Missouri State University Temple Hall
  • Buffett Cancer Center
  • Newman University
  • University of Central Missouri
  • Koch Beatrice NE
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  • Clinical Research Laboratories
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J.E.D. Installation has 22 years of experience installing casework in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa for Fortune 500
Public Schools, Colleges and Government Agencies such as the KBI, FDA, USDA, USGS. We have installed over
1,000 projects. We specialize in laboratory installation and have been certified by Fisher Scientific, Hamilton Labs, Kewaunee, Mott
Manufacturing, Case Systems, KSI, and TMI which are the largest cabinet manufacturers in the world. We employee specially
trained carpenters and require they pass a rigorous training program that includes OSHA 10 certification.

We are the largest installation company in the Mid-West and have crews in multiple states. We have installed cabinets in every
school district in Kansas. From Shawnee Mission School District, Blue Valley, Olathe, Mill Valley to Dodge City. No school is too big
or too small for our expertise.

All of our installations follow SEFA 8 and AWI QSI sect 1700 standards of installation. We have double checks in place to maintain
quality installation. Our safety policy is very comprehensive and JED has a great safety record.
Manufactures we have installed:

LSI, Case Systems, TMI, ProCase, Commercial Casework, Creative,
Woodwend, Salina Planing Mill, Midwest Cabinet, Stevens

Mohon(Campbell Rhea), Kewaunee, Hamilton, Collegedale, ALC

Fisher Hamilton, Mott, Kewaunee, Airmaster, One Pointe Solutions

Kewaunee, Fisher Hamilton, Labconco, AMS, Mohon

Fuller & d’Albert, Regal

Lions, DeBourgh, List

Irwin, KI, Hussy

All Star Bleachers


KI Genius Wall


Brodart, Worden, Penguin, Tennsco


Epoxyn Products, Durcon, Laboratory Tops

WS Hampshire, Epoxyn Products, Top Lab

All brands

All brands
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